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The Newton Agency LLC

Representing Artists and Athletes

SAG/AFTRA Franchised Agency

FIFA Professional Soccer Intermediary

Writers Guild of America Signatory



DOB: 9/14/74

Height: 5’9”

Weight: 305

Hair: Red

Eyes: Blue

Demo Reel:


Scared Famous                   Supporting

The Do Over                 Supporting/Independent 
                                                       Adam Sandler/Happy Madison Productions

Rob Zombies 31          Supporting/Independent      Rob Zombie Productions

Devil’s Rejects            Supporting/Independent      Rob Zombie Productions

Crackerjack                    Lead/Independent           Jeff Foxworthy Productions

Lil Jon “Get Low” Remix       Featured                             Lil Jon Productions

Color Blind                            Lead                                      Newton Productions

Stand-Up Comedy

Steve Harvey Comedy Tour                                Guest Stand-Up 2007-2011

Showtime White Boyz In The Hood                             Guest Stand-Up

P’Diddy Bad Boys of Comedy                                   Guest Stand-Up / HBO

Comic View                                                                    Guest Stand-Up / BET

Improv Comedy Club                                                       Guest Stand-Up

Laugh Factory                                                                   Guest Stand-Up

Comedy Store                                                                   Guest Stand-Up

USO/MWR Comedy Tour                                               Guest Stand-Up

Comedy House                                                                 Guest Stand-Up

Celebrity Theater                                                              Guest Stand-Up


Height: 5’9” 

Weight: 217 
Hair: Light Brown 
Eyes: Hazel

Television: Underground Feature WGN Executives Feature WGN

Film: Baywatch Police Officer/Dockworker Director: Seth Gordon The Divorce Party Office Worker/Stand-In Director: Hughes William Thompson The Answer Police Officer Director: David Rivers

Independent Film: The Busboy Restaurant Manager Student Film

Comedy SK8 Presents Night of Laughs LOL Comedy Jam Comedy for the Sole LOL Comedy Jam April Fools Kickback Condition Comedy Getdown

Skills Guns, Computer, TaeKwonDo, Boxing, Voiceover, Stand-in, Improv, Hosting

Special Skills: Standup Comedy, Improv Comedy

Bill Cooper

DOB: 06/08/1944

Height: 6’3”

Weight: 225

Hair: Grey

Eyes: Hazel

Demo Reel:

Films                                                   Role                                   Director

(2012) CBGB                                     Extra                              Randall Miller

(2015)My Brother’s Keeper       Principle                    Samone J. Norsworthy

Mr. Walter                                          Lead                                T Iwakura

The Self Conspiracy                 Supporting                            G. Lesar

Housecall                                          Lead                               S. Copeland

Ink Blots                                            Lead                                J. Sheedy

The Violin                                          Lead                              C. Longworth

2016 MBK Best Actor Award in the Christian Film Festival

Savanah GA Stage Productions 2005 to Present

Into the Woods                              Support

Marley’s Christmas Carol              Lead

12 Angry Men                                    Lead

One Flew Over the Cukoo’s Nest Support

The Laramie Project                      Support

Shel Silverstein’s Shorts                 Lead

The Hollow                                        Lead

The 8 Reindeer Monologues         Lead

Til Beth Do Us Part                          Lead

Special Skills: Voice Over GA Radio Reading Service. Radio Announcer 2005-2009

Vol. Current Sunday nights 5pm Radio Host on WRUU 107.5 ( Savannah

Hank Denson

Demo Reel:

Barbershop3 Cedric the Entertainer photo double

Tupac Movie (all eyes on me) 2 Feature Roles

Bravo MotherFunders( RealityTV) Comedian Host

Doo Doo Brown

Comedian Demo Reel:

Actor Demo Reel:


Bigfoot Bachelor Party Massacre*          Percy            Dir. Ryan Lightbourn

Riding Big: The Movie                                Sonny           Dir. Ryan Lightbourn

All the Devils Are Here                               Tre                 Dir. Ryan Lightbourn

Not Another Black Movie (Short)   LaDaman the Director    Dir. Kaira Akita

Detroit 1-8-7 (TV Series)                            Driver            Jason Richman

Somebodies (TV Series)                           Trigga             Hadjii

Somebodies                                                Hammer        Hadjii


The Bad Boys of Comedy (TV Series Documentary)


Comedy Act Theater (Documentary)* Featured Stand-Up Comedian Dir. Michael Eugene Williams

BET’s Comicview (TV Series) Featured Stand-Up Comedian Curtis Gadson

The Bad Boys of Comedy Featured Stand-Up Comedian Dir. Louis J. Horvitz

*Currently filming

Sherman Golden

DOB: 2/17/62

Demo Reel:

Comedian Sherman Golden. From Warren

Ohio. Got his start in comedy at the world famous COMEDY ACT

THEATER in Atlanta Ga. Sherman was one of the first comedians in

Atlanta to get his shot on TV. BET’s COMIC VIEW where he became a

house hold name. Then becoming a writer on the show. Some of his

other TV credits are. HBO’s DEF COMEDY JAM, with comedian Martin

Lawrence. SHOW TIMES Special Laffapalooza with comedian JAMIE

FOXX. THE MONIQUIE SHOW. Also movie credits such as SPIKE LEE’S


was the host of one of the top comedy clubs in the country. THE CHRIS

TUCKER COMEDY CAFÉ. Sherman has traveled the world opening up

for some of top comedians in the country. Such as DON D.C. CURRY,

BRUCE BRUCE, RICKY SMILEY, JHON WEATHERSPOON, and THE CHRIS TUCKER WORLD TOUR 2016 AND 2017. Sherman has also worked with some of the top musical groups In the country. THE TEMPTATIONS, FRANKIE BEVERLY AND MAZE, JEFFERY OSBORN, CHARLIE WILSON, NEW EDDITION, and PATTIE LABEL. Sherman Golden is known as comedy’s Best Kept Secret. But he won’t be a secret for long.

Tray Sanders


Stomp the yard                     Fraternity member

The ant man                             Lab worker

All eyez on me                       Prison guard

Tales                              Crime scene investigator

Survivors remorse                     Stand in

Pitch perfect                              Stand in


BET COMIC VIEW                                                      Stand up comedian

BOUNCE TV "Off the Chain"                                   Stand up comedian

Robert Townsends Partners in Crime                  Stand up comedian

TV One Fatal Attraction                                       Feature as Matthews Dad

TV One News One with Roland Martin                          Guest

HGTV                                                                                 Infomercial


Fences                                                 Miles

Ceremonies in dark old men      Blue haven

A Soldiers story                       Sergeant waters


Intern at wpeg power 98 in Charlotte,N.C.


Dwayne Boys actors studio

Special Skills

Professional Stand- Up Comedian, lead writer ,Radio intern,Swimmer, Collegiate Football Player,

Teacher, Greek Step Show Performer. Appeared on stage since 5th grade, Favorite number is 1,

Born in 1st month, 1st born child, 1st on line for Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, State Champ in

Wrestling and Track & Field. Dialects include: Southern, Midwestern, and New York (dialect coach

available for others). Works well with animals and children


Height: 6”

Weight: 220

Hair: Black

Eyes: Brown

Demo Reel:

The Tennessee Tramp

(Janet Williams)


DOB: 7/10/70

Height: 5’9”

Weight: 220

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Hazel

Demo Reel:

Nema Williams

Cedric the Entertainer: Starting Lineup                                Himself

BET's Comicview                                                                       BET

Whiteboyz in the Hood                                                            Showtime

1st Amendment Stand Up                                                       Starz

Chris Spencer's Minority Report

Sugar Valentine

So Fresh, So Clean... a Down and Dirty Comedy             The Pimp 

Issues                                                                                          Light Skinned Eric

N.T.V. Volume 2                                                                        Jim White

Gangsta Rap: The Glockumentary                                       Studio Owner

Fingerprints                                                                                Gregory Marks

Mosaic                                                                                          Mark

Sheree Wright
 aka Hynecé Brown

Height: 5’3” 

Weight: 155 lbs 

Hair color: Black 

Eye color: Brown

Hynecé is interested in a challenging and interesting role in a Television Series/ Theatre Play/ Movie as an actor. Hynecé also enjoys singing as an alto, Emceeing and performing entry level standup comedy. Hynecé would love the opportunity to enhance a production while showcasing her acting skills and talent.


Shakin’ the Mess Out Of Misery Greta Oglesby The PUBLIC Theatre


Professionally trained for voice-overs

DINFOS (Defense Information School) Fort Mead, Maryland


Singing (Alto)

Multiple US Area dialects spoken for screen, stage, and voice-overs

Intermediate piano


DOB: 3/20/02

Height: 5’5”

Weight: 135

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Hazel

Demo Reel:

Born in 2002, He had to grow up fast being the only child of a single father. Fun loving and ahead of his age, this young man brings a new meaning to "being a 2000's kid". Born in Jacksonville, NC to a Marine father. They both traveled to Pa, back to NC, then to Myrtle Beach SC, and now have settled down in Charlotte NC.


DOB: 3/15/71

Height: 5’7”

Weight: 145

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Hazel

Demo Reel:

Like sweet tea and boiled peanuts, Tim's style of comedy is purely southern. You won't hear any "might be a redneck" jokes though. Tim has a PhD – A Plain High School Diploma. Upon graduation, he left his home in Lancaster, SC and joined the Military where he served our

country for 10 years. He'll be the first to tell you that the most important battle he ever fought was the one that gave him sole custody of his son.

The two of them moved to Myrtle Beach in search of a new beginning, and what Tim found was a love for performing stand up. Honing his craft at open mic nights his comedic observations on grow-

ing up, dating and everyday life as a single dad provided him with more than enough material to win the 2010 Beach's Best Comic Award.

In just over a year's time he has gone from an open mic night comedy hopeful to a feature comedian, entertaining audiences with his authentic southern drawl, pin-point comedic timing and clever delivery

of his unique life experiences.